I’m an Assistant Professor at Simon Business School, researching theoretic models of contracting and competitions.

My research [CV] extends or applies abstract models to important business settings. Topics that motivated my existing papers include airline competition, incentives for sales agents and switching between cellular providers. My new research (links coming soon) is motivated by firm earning-report manipulations,  insurer-hospital negotiations and sport leagues’ broadcast networks. Surprisingly, the underlying economics of these are quite related.

I teach two Competitive Strategy courses for MBAs (Basic and Advanced) and the MBA Economics course.
Theses courses often involve analyzing current business events. I wrote up a couple of these:

Our local seed investment fund sometimes invites me to evaluate pitches. I’m mostly interested in products that facilitate either eCommerce or peer-to-peer collaboration.

My wife happens to be the best child psychologist in the known universe.

On good weeks, I play online bridge for a couple hours — guyguy on BBO. Say hello if you see me 🙂

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Picture credit — Jie Gong